We’re only a few weeks away from ODSC Europe as we return to London, UK June 15th – 16th.  At the conference, the best in data science and AI are meeting and are ready to mingle with attendees. Of course, everyone wants to know what’s the latest coming down the pipeline when it comes to artificial intelligence. As AI continues to rapidly expand in just about every industry, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest development. That’s why the ODSC team put together this list of companies who are leading the AI revolution and attending ODSC Europe. Take a look to see for yourself what the AI Expo Hall has for you!

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft is a leader with multiple cloud computing and AI solutions, such as PowerBI, Azure, and Microsoft AI. They’re among the top companies on Earth investing in AI infrastructure to keep pace with the growing scale of AI in our everyday lives.

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ODSC keynote speakers John Montgomery Corporate Vice President, Program Management, AI Platform at Microsoft, and Emma Ning, Senior Program Manager at Microsoft. The topic of their keynote will focus on AI Innovations through open source projects. Microsoft is heavily investing in many open source projects such as DeepSpeed, ONNX, and PyTorch in order to help foster innovation and flexibility within the community.

Z by HP

Bringing scale, speed, and flexibility into machine learning and AI projects. Z by HP is an open-source and hybrid approach to could-native analytics. Companies such as Mercedes-Benz are utilizing the power of Z to push forward their highly automated and fully autonomous vehicles.


Businesses are more and more utilizing the power of AI. Iguazio’s MLOps platform allows for AI projects to provide real-world business outcomes, such as scaling and accelerating the management, development, and deployment of AI applications.


Red Hat

Working with companies such as NVIDIA, Red Hat’s automation solutions focus on their customers spending less time on old problems, and more time on getting new projects off the ground. Their AI-focused approach allows you to scale to meet your needs.


One of the most experienced AI leaders, SAS delivers AI solutions to enhance human ingenuity. Narrowing the communications gap between humans and machines is one of SAS’s lead projects in their work with NLP. To deliver on their commitment to enhancing human ingenuity, SAS’s ML toolkit focuses on automation and more to provide smarter decision-making.


Neo4j is where the best and brightest go for scalable graphs that are capable of visualizing predictions through both machine and deep learning. Offering an open-source NoSQL graph database, they have also worked with organizations such as eBay, NASA, Lyft, Airbnb, and more.


Founded by the creators of Apache Spark, Databricks is the only lakehouse platform in the cloud. This platform is used by over seven thousand organizations worldwide that rely on Databricks to scale the needs of their unique machine learning, business analytics, and data engineering needs.


A truly global company, Appen helps organizations launch the most innovative artificial systems. With over a million skilled contracts in over 170 countries, they’re the leaders in AI-assisted data annotations. 


Provides analytics and machine learning technologies in a hybrid data cloud environment. Cloudera’s goal is to make your technology smarter. From phones to vaccines they take big data and make it work for you.


iMerit’s goal is to unlock the hidden value of large volumes of unstructured datasets. Companies all over the world, work to help their customers focus on what they need to move forward.


False positives and irrelevant alerts only waste man-hours and leave teams troubleshooting for days, if not longer. Superwise was created specifically to tackle this problem. They make any machine learning decision-make process fully observable. From the first to the 1000th, you’ll get a complete picture of this self-service platform. 

Connect and learn from the leaders in AI at the ODSC Europe AI Expo

The team at ODSC works to bring you the leaders and innovators in AI that you need to move any of your projects forward. At the expo, you’ll not only find insightful demonstrations but talks and more. You’ll find the best in data science as you can expect from any ODSC Event. 

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