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The Topic:

Deepfakes: How’re They Made, Detected, and How They Impact Society

Deepfake photos and videos are already impacting many industries and sectors of society, in both positive and negative ways. In this session, I’ll weave between the social context of deepfakes (how they’ve been used and what impact they’ve had) and the technical side of them (how they’re made, and some approaches to detecting them). This is the multifaceted story of deepfakes. No technical background is needed—the discussion of how they’re made and detected will be done at a broad overview level focusing on the concepts, with a brief tour at the end of more specific resources for those interested in digging in deeper and exploring some relevant Python tools.

The Instructor:

Noah Giansiracusa, PhD –  Associate Professor of Mathematics and Data Science at Bentley University

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Confirmed Workshop/Training Sessions

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Intro to Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow

Unifying ML With One Line of Code

Advanced Gradient Boosting: Probabilistic Regression and Categorical Structure

Hyper-productive NLP with Hugging Face Transformers

Beyond the Basics: Data Visualization in Python

Mastering Adversarial Evaluation for NLP: A Practical Workshop

A Practical Tutorial on Building Machine Learning Demos with Gradio

Getting Started with Hyperparameter Optimisation

Beginner to Advanced Level Training

From the Leading Instructors in the Industry

Machine Learning

  • Meta-learning for Machine Learning

  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Federated Learning for Data Privacy

  • Explainable AI and Bias in machine learning

  • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark

  • Safety & Robustness in Machine Learning Modeling

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Causal Inference with Machine Learning

Deep Learning

  • Deep Reinforcement learning

  • Deep Learning with PyTorch & Tensorflow

  • Deep Learning Deep Dive

  • Computer Vision 1/2 Day Training

  • Deep Learning with Keras

  • Introduction to Deep learning

  • Deepfakes Tutorial

  • Graph Representation Learning


  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Transfer Learning in NLP

  • Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling

  • NLP Pre-trained Transformer Models with Bert, Ernie,, and GPT-2

  • State-of-the-Art NLP with PyTorch and Tensorflow

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Hugging Face Transformer Library Workshop

  • Applications of NLP; Sentiment Analysis, Dialog Systems, and Semantic Search


  • Machine Learning for Cyber Security

  • Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • MLOps and Machine Learning Pipelines

  • Introduction to Machine Learning Using scikit-learn

  • Auto Machine Learning (AutoML)

  • Distributed Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Data Analysis with Python Pandas

  • Machine Learning Workflow with Kubeflow & Kubernetes

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