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Past Training & Workshop Sessions


Workshop: Introduction to R

Workshop:  Introduction to Large Language Models

Jim Dowling | CEO | Hopsworks

Workshop: Personalizing LLMs with a Feature Store

Half-Day Training: Data Wrangling with Python & Pandas

Workshop:  Prompting with OpenAI and Prompting Safety Guardrails

Half-Day Training: MLOps: Monitoring and Managing Drift

Workshop: What is a Time-series Database and Why do I Need One?

Workshop: Building LLM-powered Knowledge Workers over your Data with LlamaIndex

Workshop: Aligning Open-source LLMs Using Reinforcement Learning from Feedback

Sandeep Singh | Head of Applied AI/Computer Vision |

Workshop: Stable Diffusion: A New Frontier for Text-to-Image Paradigm

Rajiv Shah, PhD | Machine Learning Engineer | Hugging Face

Tutorial: Evaluation Techniques for Large Language Models

Matt Harrison - Python & Data Science Corporate Trainer | Consultant | MetaSnake

Workshop: Idiomatic Pandas

Jonas Mueller - Chief Scientist and Co-Founder | Cleanlab

Tutorial: How to Practice Data-Centric AI and Have AI improve its Own Dataset

Shashank Prasanna - AI Developer Advocate | Modular

Workshop: Overview of Mojo🔥: Usability of Python, Performance of C

Parul Pandey , Principal Data Scientist |

Tutorial: Machine Learning for High-Risk Applications – Techniques for Responsible AIO

Wes Madrigal - ML Engineer | Mad Consulting

Workshop: Using Graphs for Large Feature Engineering Pipelines

James Phoenix - CTO | Vexpower

Tutorial: Automating Business Processes Using LangChain

Gwendolyn D. Stripling, PhD - Lead AI & ML Content Developer | Google Cloud

Tutorial: No-Code and Low-Code AI: A Practical Project Driven Approach to ML

Bob Foreman - Software Engineering Lead | LexisNexis Risk Solutions

Workshop: Data for Social Good – Find Your Paradise!

Valentina Alto - Azure Specialist - Data and Artificial Intelligence | Microsoft

Workshop: The AI Paradigm Shift: Under the Hood of a Large Language Models

Philip Wauters - Customer Success Manager and Value Engineer | Tangent Works

Workshop: Learn how to Efficiently Build and Operationalize Time Series Models in 2023

Krishnaram Kenthapadi - Chief AI Officer & Chief Scientist | Fiddler AI

Tutorial: Deploying Trustworthy Generative AI

Amit Sangani - Director of Partner Engineering | Meta

Workshop: Building Using Llama 2

Thomas Nield - Instructor | Founder University of Southern California | Nield Consulting Group and Yawman Flight

Half-Day Training: Introduction to Math for Data Science

Workshop: Introduction to Natural Language Processing(NLP)

Alison Cossette | Developer Advocate - Data Science | Neo4j

Workshop: Bridging the Gap: Light Code Solutions to Uniting Social Science and Modern Knowledge Graphs

Geeta Shankar | Software Engineer | Salesforce

Workshop: Anomaly Detection for CRM Production Data

Half-Day Training: Generative AI, Autonomous AI Agents, and AGI – How new Advancements in AI will Improve the Products we Build

Tutorial: Massively Speed-Up your Learning Algorithm, with Stochastic Thinning

Workshop:  Introduction to Prompt Engineering

Workshop: Fine Tuning Large Language Models and Embedding Models

Half-Day Training: Uncertainty Quantification: Approaches and Methods

Workshop:  Building a Q&A Bot with Large Language Models, Vector Search, and LangChain

Workshop: Advance LLMs – Agents, Parameter Efficient Fine-Tuning, and RAG

Tutorial: Machine Learning Has Become Necromancy

Workshop: Beyond Demos and Prototypes: How to Build Production-Ready Applications Using Open-Source LLMs

Tutorial: Prompt Optimization with GPT-4 and Langchain

Workshop: Missing Data: A Synthetic Data Approach for Missing Data Imputation

Workshop: Facial Recognition from Scratch with Python and JS

Tutorial: A Background to LLMs and Intro to PaLM 2: A Smaller, Faster and More Capable LLM

Half-day Training: Architecting Data: A Deep Dive Into the World of Synthetic Data

Workshop: The Rise of a Full Stack Data Scientist: Powered by Python

Half-day Training: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) 101: Building an Open-Source “ChatGPT for Your Data” with Llama 2, LangChain, and Pinecone


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Free Pre-Bootcamp Primer Courses

Data, Coding, and AI preparation courses for ODSC Mini-Bootcamps

ODSC Bootcamp Primer Courses

These primer courses can be taken stand alone or as part of our Mini-Bootcamp series. This foundations series is built from the ground up to boost your understanding of data-centric AI

Hosted on Ai+ Training and included FREE as part of your ODSC AI Mini-Bootcamp Pass.

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Pre-Bootcamp Workshop Dates *

Pre-Bootcamp Warmup Workshops are available both live and on-demand (post-date)  * schedule is subject to change

  • Data Primer – available on-demand;

  • SQL – available on-demand;

  • Programming Primer Course with Python – available on-demand;

  • AI Primer – available on-demand;

  • Data Wrangling with Python – available on-demand;

  • LLMs, Prompt Engineering, & Gen AI – available on-demand;

Beginner to Advanced Level Training

From the Leading Instructors in the Industry

Planned 2024 Topics Include

Large Language Models & Generative AI

  • Introduction to Large Language Models

  • Prompting with OpenAI and Prompting Safety Guardrails

  • Introduction to Prompt Engineering

  • Fine Tuning Large Language Models & Embedding Models

  • Fine Tuning Embedding Models

  • Building a Q&A Bot with LLMS, Vectors, and LangChain

  • LLMOps – Large Language Model Workflow

  •  Advanced LLMs – LangChain Agents

  •  Advance LLMs –  Parameter Efficient Fine-Tuning

  •  Advance LLMs –  Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG)

  • AI-Assisted Code Generation Techniques

Machine Learning

  • MLOps and Machine Learning Pipelines

  • No-Code and Low-Code Machine Learning

  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Federated Learning for Data Privacy

  • Explainable AI and Bias in machine learning

  • Machine Learning at Scale using Apache Spark

  • Safety & Robustness in Machine Learning Modeling

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Real-time Streaming Analytics

  • Causal Inference with Machine Learning

  • Auto Machine Learning (AutoML)

Deep Learning

  • Deep Reinforcement learning

  • Deep Learning with PyTorch & Tensorflow

  • Deep Learning Deep Dive

  • Computer Vision 1/2 Day Training

  • Deep Learning with Keras

  • Introduction to Deep learning

  • Deepfakes Tutorial

  • Graph Representation Learning

  • Distributed Machine Learning & Deep Learning


  • Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling

  • Self Supervised learning; new techniques

  • Transfer Learning in NLP

  • NLP Pre-trained Transformer Models with Bert, Ernie,, and GPT-2

  • State-of-the-Art NLP with PyTorch and Tensorflow

  • Semi-supervised learning

  • Hugging Face Transformer Library Workshop

  • Applications of NLP; Sentiment Analysis, Dialog Systems, and Semantic Search

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