When starting your data science career, it can be difficult to know how to make the first step. Should you pursue internships, bootcamps, or a master’s program perhaps? While all of those options have their pros, their cons weigh heavily as well. Instead, think about ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamp, which has many benefits for aspiring data science professionals. 


Mini bootcamps are often a fraction of the cost of traditional programs, including other bootcamps, which can exceed $5,000. And although we’d all like to be able to treat training as priceless, we’ve all got to eat and pay our bills. At a mini-bootcamp, not only will you build new skills and fill in knowledge gaps, but you’ll also have the opportunity to determine if a degree program is the right path for you before you commit to the price tag and the time commitment, which brings us to the second reason.


Unlike traditional bootcamps, which can range from several weeks to several months, or degree programs which can take a year or more, ODSC’s bootcamps usually take less than a week. This condensed schedule allows you to explore different subjects and topics to find your passion without taking the risk of leaving your job or uprooting your life by moving cities for a longer program. 


We know that it takes time and effort to become an expert in an AI or data science topic, and as such, it’s difficult to master all aspects of the field. Therefore, ODSC’s Mini-Bootcamps invite some of the top instructors who have dedicated themselves to their chosen specifications. Past speakers have included Dr. Jon Krohn, Andreas Mueller, Mona Khalil, Leonardo De Marchi, Pieter Abbeel, PhD, Jennifer Dawn Davis, PhD, Amita Kapoor, PhD, Matt Harrison, and many many more both in-person at the conference and on-demand on the Ai+ Training Platform. 


As some of the largest data science conferences, ODSC events give you the unique opportunity to connect with and learn about the experiences of thousands of data scientists from across the country and around the world during our networking events like the Networking Reception, AI Bootcamp Dinner, After Hours Events, and more.


ODSC’s AI Mini-Bootcamps give you access to an incredible breadth of content on fundamentals and cutting-edge topics, such as machine learning, LLMs, Generative AI, data visualization, NLP, MLOps, and LLMOps. and much more. You’ll have access to 300+ hours of talks, training sessions, and workshops from some of the best and brightest minds in the field. Plus, you’ll have pre-conference live training on data science fundamentals and post-conference, on-demand access to session recordings so you can catch anything you might have missed during the conference itself.

Hands-On, Real-World Experience

All of ODSC’s training sessions are hands-on, and many of them feature real-world use cases and examples. This focus on practical applications allows you to see how you might utilize these skills in the course of your career, and if this is a career path that you truly wish to follow. 

Tangible Outcomes

With a data science mini bootcamp, you’ll finish well-rounded and focused, knowing exactly what you want, or don’t want to do, with actionable skills and contacts to begin implementing right away. If you let it, a mini bootcamp can start an incredible momentum in your life and career, while still giving you direction to take all this momentum.

What’s next?

These are just a few of the reasons to attend an ODSC Mini-Bootcamp. For more reasons, and a detailed look at a Mini-Bootcamp agenda, check out our page here.