Open Source For AI-Assisted Programming: Cody and Llama 3


AI-assisted programming is revolutionizing the software development landscape by significantly boosting developer productivity and enhancing code quality. As Andrej Karpathy, a founding member of OpenAI, aptly put it, “The hottest new programming language is English.” This workshop is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to effectively use AI-assisted programming tools, such as Sourcegraph’s Cody and Meta’s Llama 3.

The workshop is structured into three comprehensive sessions, each aimed at providing a deep understanding of different aspects of AI-assisted programming. The first session, """"Foundations of AI-Assisted Programming,"""" will introduce you to the core concepts and functions of AI tools in programming. You will learn about code completion, interactive chat features, and effective prompt techniques that can significantly streamline your development process.

In the second session, """"Tackling Coding Tasks,"""" we will dive into the practical applications of Sourcegraph’s Cody. This session will cover how Cody can assist with specific coding tasks such as regular expressions, code refactoring, debugging, and unit testing. You will gain hands-on experience and insights into how these tools can simplify complex coding tasks and reduce development time. Additionally, we will discuss the potential risks and limitations of AI-assisted programming systems, providing you with a balanced perspective on their practical use in real-world scenarios.

The third session, """"Going Beyond Coding,"""" will explore the broader applications of general-purpose language models like Meta’s Llama 3. This session will demonstrate how these models can be used for non-coding tasks that are crucial for developers, such as creating product requirements documents, writing comprehensive documentation, and generating content for README pages.

By the end of this workshop, you will be proficient in using AI-assisted programming tools to enhance both your productivity and the quality of your code. Join me to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving field of software development and harness the power of AI to transform your programming practices.

Session Outline

Lesson 1: Foundations of AI-Assisted Programming

Understand how AI-assisted programming tools work, including code completion and chat. You will also learn about effective prompt techniques for development. By the end of this lesson, you will have a solid understanding of how to leverage these tools to enhance your coding efficiency.

Lesson 2: Tackle Coding Tasks

Learn how to use Cody to assist with regular expressions, refactoring, debugging, and unit tests. This lesson will also cover some of the inherent risks of AI-assisted programming systems, providing you with a balanced perspective on their use in real-world scenarios.

Lesson 3: Going Beyond Coding

Explore how general-purpose LLMs like Llama 3 can help with non-coding tasks for developers. This lesson will show how to use these models for creating product requirements documents, documentation, and content for README pages.

Workshop Objectives:
Learn to leverage open-source AI tools for programming tasks.
Understand the benefits and limitations of AI-assisted programming.
Explore the broader applications of general-purpose language models in software development.


Sourcegraph's Cody
Meta's Llama 3


Tom (@ttaulli) is an author and IT consultant, specializing in AI and its applications in programming. He has written several books, including AI-Assisted Programming: Better Planning, Coding, Testing, and Deployment (O’Reilly Media). In his consulting role, Tom advises companies on AI strategies and implementations. He has also taught IT courses at UCLA, PluralSight, and O'Reilly Media, providing lessons on using Python to develop deep learning and machine learning models. Throughout his career, Tom has founded several tech startups, including BizEquity, ExamWeb, and, the latter of which was sold to Infospace.

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