Conversational Data Intelligence: Transforming Data Interaction and Analysis


In our data-rich world, the capacity for efficient and intuitive interaction with massive data sets is more crucial than ever. Kevin Rohling, Head of AI at Presence Product Group, presents an exploration into Conversational Data Intelligence (CDI), a fusion of advanced AI technologies and data analytics that is redefining our engagement with data.

CDI emerges as a pivotal innovation, leveraging Large Language Models and Semantic Search to facilitate natural, conversational interactions with complex data. This novel approach simplifies data navigation, breaking down barriers to data literacy and enabling professionals across various disciplines to access and interpret data without specialized data science expertise.

The presentation will venture into the practical applications of CDI, showcasing its transformative impact across multiple sectors, including healthcare, legal, finance, and government. By illustrating real-world scenarios, the talk will demonstrate how CDI empowers professionals to make data-driven decisions more efficiently and accurately.

Key to this discussion are the core technologies that fuel CDI. We will delve into the integration of Large Language Models, Semantic Search, and Natural Language to Query mechanisms, offering insights into their functionality and role in enhancing data interaction.

However, the journey with CDI is not without its challenges. The talk will also address critical concerns such as data privacy, security, and the potential for bias. These aspects are integral to the responsible adoption and evolution of CDI technologies.

Attendees will leave with a comprehensive understanding of CDI's capabilities and applications, equipped with insights into how CDI can be effectively integrated into their own industries. This talk is more than a presentation; it's an invitation to envision a future where data interaction is more accessible, insightful, and influential in driving innovation and efficiency across various professional landscapes.

Background Knowledge:

Attendees of this talk should have a basic understanding of AI and machine learning concepts, as well as familiarity with large language models. Advanced programming skills are not required, making the session accessible to professionals across various fields who have an interest in innovative data interaction and analysis topics.


Kevin Rohling is Head of AI at Presence Product Group a software consultancy located in San Francisco and formerly VP of Engineering at Kevin has founded multiple companies, successfully scaled teams, revenue, and products including founding and selling a company in the mobile Testing space and leading implementation of the Grid Resilience and Intelligence Platform for the DOE.

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