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ODSC West 2022


more sessions added weekly


Where do I see Schedule In-Brief?

The ODSC Schedule overview is available on this page

Where are the 2023 session Prerequisites?

Please check the most updated Prerequisites and Slides list here

Other FAQS

Please check the FAQ page HERE for more information. It includes the in-person and virtual FAQs same as for Virtual Platform guidelines.

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Our Support Team is always ready to assist you with any questions at info@odsc.com

Please Note: In-person attendees will have access to virtual sessions. All sessions will fill up on a first-come-first-served basis.
If you have a virtual pass, please remember that we will not live-stream any in-person sessions. Only virtual sessions will be recorded.
All sessions are scheduled in the PDT time zone (Pacific Time)
Please Note: In-Person attendees will have access to virtual sessions. If you have a virtual pass, please note that we will not live-stream any in-person sessions. Only virtual sessions will be recorded.  The schedule overview is available HERE.

50+ Sessions Added

100+ more coming soon.


Pre-Botocamp: Introduction to Data Course

Pre-Bootcamp: Introduction to Programming with Python Course

Pre-Bootcamp: Data Wrangling with Python Course

Pre-Bootcamp: Introduction to SQL Course

Pre-Bootcamp: Introduction to AI Course

150+ Sessions Added

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Past Talks & Panels

Keynote: Neural Networks Make Stuff up. What Should We do About it?

Track Keynote: Implementing Gen AI in Practice

Talk: Understanding the Landscape of Large Models

Talk: General and Efficient Self-supervised Learning with data2vec

Talk: Fine-tuning LLMs on Slack Messages

Talk: Building Generative AI Applications: An LLM Case Study

Talk: Keras Core: Keras for TensorFlow, JAX, and PyTorch

Business Talk: Driving Success for Sellers by Infusing AI in CRM Platform

Talk: A Semi-Supervised Anomaly Detection System Through Ensemble Stacking Algorithm

Talk: Accelerating Knowledge Discovery with AI for Enhanced Quality

Talk: Bridging the Interpretability Gap in Customer Segmentation

Talk: Battle Scars from the MLOps Trenches of the Robotaxi Industry

Talk: Scope of LLMs and GPT Models in Security Domain

Talk: The Crucial Role of Digital Experimentation and A/B Testing in the AI Landscape

Talk: Connecting Large Language Models – Common Pitfalls & Challenges

Talk: Finance Audio and Automated Speech Recognition – The Perfect Marriage

Talk: The Devil in the Details: How Defining an NLP Task can Undermine or Catalyze its Successful Implementation

Talk: How to Deliver Contextually Accurate LLMs

Talk: Running Data Quality Checks in Your Data Pipelines

Talk: Building Robust and Scalable Recommendation Engines for Online Food Delivery

Talk: Data Science Applied to Manufacturing Problems

Talk: Building a Data-Driven Workforce

Talk: Capturing CAP in a Kappa Data Architecture

Talk: Scaling your Data Science Workflows by Changing a Single Line of Code

Talk: Troubleshooting and Measuring Embedding/Vector Drift for Production Deployments of Language Models

Talk: Democratizing Fine-tuning of Open-Source Large Models with Joint Systems Optimization

Talk: Attack on Machine Learning, Defend with MLOps

Talk: Security First, Create a Robust Machine Learning Model

Talk: MLOps v LMOps – What’s Different?

Talk: Attribution and Moral Rights in Generative AI

Talk: The English SDK for Apache Spark™

Talk: Integrating Language Models for Automating Feature Engineering Ideation

Talk: Machine Learning Development Environment and the Open Source ML Advantage

Talk: From Raw Data through Vectors to a Comprehensive Recommendation Model

Past Training & Workshops

Training: MLOps: Monitoring and Managing Drift

Tutorial: Evaluation Techniques for Large Language Models

Tutorial: Machine Learning Has Become Necromancy

Training: Uncertainty Quantification: Approaches and Methods

Training: Generative AI, Autonomous AI Agents, and AGI – How new Advancements in AI will Improve the Products we Build

Workshop: Personalizing LLMs with a Feature Store

Tutorial: Prompt Optimization with GPT-4 and Langchain

Tutorial: How to Practice Data-Centric AI and Have AI improve its Own Dataset

Workshop: Bridging the Gap: Light Code Solutions to Uniting Social Science and Modern Knowledge Graphs

Tutorial: No-Code and Low-Code AI: A Practical Project Driven Approach to ML

Workshop: Facial Recognition from Scratch with Python and JS

Workshop: Overview of Mojo🔥: Usability of Python, Performance of C

Workshop: Using Graphs for Large Feature Engineering Pipelines

Workshop: Data for Social Good – Find Your Paradise!

Workshop: Learn how to Efficiently Build and Operationalize Time Series Models in 2023

Workshop: Aligning Open-source LLMs Using Reinforcement Learning from Feedback

Workshop: Building LLM-powered Knowledge Workers over Your Data with LlamaIndex

Workshop: Stable Diffusion: A New Frontier for Text-to-Image Paradigm

Tutorial: Automating Business Processes Using LangChain

Tutorial: Machine Learning for High-Risk Applications – Techniques for Responsible AIO

Workshop: What is a Time-series Database and Why do I Need One?

Workshop: Anomaly Detection for CRM Production Data

Workshop: Beyond Demos and Prototypes: How to Build Production-Ready Applications Using Open-Source LLMs

Half-day Training: Architecting Data: A Deep Dive Into the World of Synthetic Data

Half-day Training: Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) 101: Building an Open-Source “ChatGPT for Your Data” with Llama 2, LangChain, and Pinecone

Tutorial: Massively Speed-Up your Learning Algorithm, with Stochastic Thinning

Workshop: Missing Data: A Synthetic Data Approach for Missing Data Imputation

Tutorial: A Background to LLMs and Intro to PaLM 2: A Smaller, Faster and More Capable LLM

Workshop: The AI Paradigm Shift: Under the Hood of a Large Language Models

Workshop: The Rise of a Full Stack Data Scientist: Powered by Python

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  • Virtual conference experience includes networking lounge area, speaker auditorium, expo halls, and prizes

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  • Multiple focus areas including deep learning, machine learning, NLP, research frontiers, AI X for business, and more

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  • Directly download slides and other session materials

  • (Training only) Access training and workshops prerequisites, notebooks, and other materials prior to training session starting

  • (Training only) Access hands-on training and workshops with instructor-led code labs and notebooks.

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