Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Real World: From Chip Design to LLMs with Anna Goldie
Reinforcement learning (RL) is famously powerful but difficult to wield, and until recently, had demonstrated impressive results on games, but little real-world impact. Anna Goldie will start the talk with a discussion of RL for Large Language Models (LLMs), including scalable supervision techniques to better align models with human preferences (Constitutional AI / RLAIF). Next, she will discuss RL for chip floorplanning, one of the first examples of RL solving a real-world engineering problem. This learning-based method can generate placements that are superhuman or comparable on modern accelerator chips in a matter of hours, whereas the strongest baselines require human experts in the loop and can take several weeks. This method was published in Nature and used in production to generate superhuman chip layouts for the last four generations of Google’s flagship AI accelerator (TPU).

East 2024 Video Highlights

Prompt Engineering with Llama 3 with Amit Sangani
This session aims to provide hands-on, engaging content that gives developers a basic understanding of Llama 3 models, how to access and use them, understand the architecture, and build an AI chatbot using LangChain and Tools. The audience will also learn core concepts around Prompt Engineering and Fine-Tuning and programmatically implement them using Responsible AI principles. Lastly, the talk will be concluded by explaining how they can leverage this powerful tech, different use cases, and what the future looks like.

East 2024 Video Highlights

Deciphering Data Architectures with James Serra
Data fabric, data lakehouse, and data mesh have recently appeared as viable alternatives to the modern data warehouse. These new architectures have solid benefits, but they’re also surrounded by a lot of hyperbole and confusion. In this presentation, James Serra will give you a guided tour of each architecture to help you understand its pros and cons. He will also examine common data architecture concepts, including data warehouses and data lakes. You’ll learn what data lakehouses can help you achieve, and how to distinguish data mesh hype from reality. Best of all, you’ll be able to determine the most appropriate data architecture for your needs. The content is derived from my book Deciphering Data Architectures: Choosing Between a Modern Data Warehouse, Data Fabric, Data Lakehouse, and Data Mesh.

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