What are two things your ideal employer is going to look for when you apply for that dream data science job?—Mastery of data science principles and real-world experience. The first one is easy to obtain. You can take free courses, sign up at your friendly neighborhood software school, or get online certifications. The second one? That’s a little tougher. It might be time to look at a data science bootcamp.

A data science bootcamp offers you the chance to engage in project-based learning, but the ODSC West data science bootcamp goes one step further. You’ll get intensive instruction from experts and the opportunity to network your way into those vital connections that will land you a job. If you aren’t convinced yet, here are four unshakeable reasons to sign up for ODSC West 2021’s data science bootcamp.


Sink or Swim? Never—Get plenty of prep

So you’ve never studied data science a day in your life. When you sign up for ODSC’s bootcamp, you get everything you need to make the most of your time there. That includes all the beginning stuff most other data science bootcamps take for granted that you know. The prerequisite training takes place just before the live data science bootcamp starts and is the first step to getting the most out of the bootcamp experience.

With prerequisites training, you’ll learn the fundamentals of the fundamentals. If it’s been a while since your last math class, we brush up on those skills. Maybe you haven’t learned any programming languages, so we get you to “hello world.” Plus, you’ll get an introduction to all those abbreviations and acronyms data scientists love (SQL? NLP?).

Live Immersive Learning from the best

Once students have the fundamentals in place, things really get going. The three-day or four-day immersive offers students the opportunity to take deep dives into machine learning and deep learning with plenty of time to interact with peers and teachers.

Students can opt into one of five specialization tracks:

  • Data engineering/MLOps: Includes Mathematics for Data Science, Auto Machine Learning, and Reproducible Data Science in Pachyderm.
  • Machine learning with Python: Includes Supervised Learning for Missing Data, Cybersecurity in ML, and Reinforcement Learning for Human Language.
  • Deep learning: Includes Tensorflow Federated Learning, How to Identify Deep Fakes, and Deep Learning CNNs and GANS.
  • Data analytics: Includes Big Data Using Spark, Graph Analytics, and No-SQL
  • Natural Language Processing: Includes Active Learning for Data Labeling, Transfer Learning in NLP, and State of the Art NLP in TensorFlow and PyTorch.

Each day focuses on building skills, and topics include beginner, intermediate, and advanced-friendly topics. Students receive hands-on training and guidance throughout the process.

Continue Learning After the Data Science Bootcamp

Once students have completed the data science bootcamp, that doesn’t have to be it. Each bootcamp registration includes a free premium one-year subscription to AI+, ODSC’s new virtual, on-demand training space for artificial intelligence and data science topics. 

These courses are available at the student’s schedule and include topics such as natural language understanding, robotics, data engineering, and computer vision. Students take their intensive training skills and foster the discipline for continuous learning. The one-year subscription gives students time to specialize their training to their career goals and interests.

The best data scientists embrace continuous learning. The field changes rapidly and offers many different niches. This year-long subscription is the perfect way to continue education in a supportive atmosphere once the data science bootcamp ends.

Job and Hiring Support

Each participant in our data science bootcamp — both virtual and in-person — receives an official certificate of completion to share with employers. The data science bootcamp also includes access to office hours so that students can ask questions and receive mentoring support. 

Participants seeking jobs will be added to the AI+ career job portal. Students gain visibility with over 40 hiring companies in key industry positions. Job support like this helps shorten the time it takes for students to find positions at companies they love and is the final component of the multi-pronged approach.

Join ODSC’s Data Science Bootcamp for a Career Jumpstart

ODSC is more than just a data science bootcamp. It offers students instruction at any level of experience and provides a year of free instructional resources designed by some of the best and brightest in the field. It includes network and career support and connects students to employment opportunities from reputable companies.

There is no other data science bootcamp experience that provides the same support—from the fundamentals at the very beginning to career connections at the end. It’s designed to encourage life-long learning that students can use to build a thriving career.

Register today for either our virtual event or the in-person training to take advantage of special early-bird pricing. Both offer the same subjects and experts, as well as access to AI+ and the career board. It’s time to gain skills that will jumpstart your career in data science.