ODSC passes Tue-Thu, May 9th-11th:

  • Virtual Premium Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Get access to ODSC Keynotes, Talks, Workshops, Virtual Ai X Business Talks, and Virtual Ai Expo. This pass DOES NOT Include access to ODSC Virtual Training Sessions.
  • Virtual Platinum Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY): Get access to a live stream of sessions on, access to breakout talk sessions, keynotes, Virtual Business talks, AI Expo, and Virtual Training & Workshops. Recordings are included.
  • Virtual Mini-Bootcamp Pass – (MONDAY(virtual), TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Get access to ALL Virtual Session on-demand and live training, PLUS 1-Year Ai+ Premium Subscription
  • Virtual Ai Expo Pass – Your Virtual Pass provides you access to the Virtual AI Expo on May 9-10th. This includes access to Expo Partners Virtual Booths, Virtual Demo Talks & Tutorials, Main ODSC Keynotes, product demonstrations and materials, and live chats with company representatives.
    *Please note: This ticket grants access to the Virtual AI Expo only
  • Virtual Free Pass – (WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY) Get access to ODSC Keynotes & Talks, Virtual Accelerate AI Business Summit (Business Talks & Panels on Tue), Virtual AI Expo & Demo Talks (Wed – Thur). Additional access to Virtual events.