ODSC passes Tue-Thu, April 19th-21st:

  • Virtual Premium Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Get access to ODSC Keynotes, Talks, Workshops, Virtual Ai X Business Talks, and Virtual Ai Expo. This pass DOES NOT Include access to ODSC Virtual Training Sessions.
  • Virtual Platinum Pass – (TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, AND THURSDAY): Get access to a livestream of sessions on, access to breakout talk sessions, keynotes, Virtual Business talks, AI Expo, and Virtual training & Workshops. Recordings are included.
  • Virtual Mini-Bootcamp Pass – (MONDAY(virtual), TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY). Get access to ALL Virtual Session on-demand and live training, PLUS 1 Year Ai+ Premium Subscription
  • Virtual Ai Expo Pass – Your Virtual Pass provides you access to the Virtual AI Expo on April 19-20. This includes access to Expo Partners Virtual Booths, Virtual Demo Talks & Tutorials, Main ODSC Keynotes, product demonstrations and materials, and live chats with company’s representatives.
    *Please note: This ticket grants access to the Virtual AI Expo only
  • Virtual AiX Pass – THIS IS A 1-DAY Virtual PASS: Get access to Virtual AI Business and Expo hall, Business Keynotes and Talks about the application of Data Science and AI across all industries with other executives and industry leaders. This pass DOES NOT grant access to ODSC Training Sessions or Workshops.
  • Virtual Free Pass – (WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY) Get access to ODSC Keynotes & Talks, Virtual Accelerate AI Business Summit (Business Talks & Panels on Tue), Virtual AI Expo & Demo Talks (Wed – Thur). Additional access to Virtual events.