Looking to strengthen existing–or build new–skills with workshops and tutorials that use real-world data, but don’t have a ton of time to spare? Check out ODSC’s new virtual event, ODSC Applied AI on July 15, 2020. Hosted by ODSC, and sponsored by DataRobot, Appen, IBM Developer, and Red Hat. ODSC Applied AI is a one-day, free, virtual event featuring 90-minute hands-on workshops and tutorials.

To help you identify which sessions would be most beneficial, the sessions have been organized into four distinct tracks based on roles: Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Engineer, and MLOps & DevOps.

Each track is designed to teach you how to best utilize machine learning and AI in that role to meet your personal or business goals. 

Data Science Track: Learn machine learning languages, frameworks, and tools from the experts 

Speakers include: 

  • Emily Webber, PhD, Data Scientist | DataRobot
  • Ben Taylor, PhD, Chief AI Evangelist | DataRobot
  • Jingqing Zhang, PhD, Technical Co-founder and Head of AI | PangaeaData.AI

Software Engineering: Learn how to utilize machine learning, deep learning, and AutoML in your work

Speakers include:

  • Zan Markan, Developer Advocate | DataRobot
  • Peter Klipfel, Backend Engineer | DataRobot

MLOps & DevOps Track: Learn how to manage, maintain, and scale AI models in production 

Speakers include:

  • Seph Mard, Head of Model Validation | DataRobot
  • Aaron Richter, PhD, Senior Data Scientist | Saturn Cloud

Business Analytics: Learn how to successfully incorporate AI into your business and gain new insights

Speakers include:

  • Jen Underwood, Director of Product Strategy | Oracle
  • Meeta Dash, VP Product | Appen
  • Monchu Chen, Principal Data Scientist at Appen

Highlighted sessions include:

  • AI Crash Course – Adding ML to Your Projects in an Hour
  • Don’t Fear Bias in AI – Instead, It Can Be a Massive Opportunity
  • Architecting Advanced AI Applications
  • The Big Reveal: Finding New Insights with AutoML
  • Introduction to MLOps: The Concepts and Strategies that Get Models Reliably into Production
  • Advanced MLOps: Instrumenting CI/CD Workflows in DataRobot MLOps
  • Just You and AI: How a Business Leader Learned AI
  • Adding Machine Learning to Your Software Projects in Just an Hour
  • Deep Learning in 10 Minutes or Less with AutoML

Additionally, the combination of live and on-demand format will ensure that you get the most out of your learning experience. During the live session, you’ll be able to get real-time feedback on your work. And, if you need to revisit a topic or a project, you’ll be able to access the recordings for a limited time. 

Lastly, there are only a limited number of spots available for the hands-on workshops in each track. So, if you want to improve your skills and use real-world data to better understand how to apply machine learning, deep learning, and AI in your work, you should hurry to sign up for this free event.

This event is coming up NEXT WEEK! Be sure to register ASAP before it’s too late, as spots for this virtual event are limited.