We can’t wait for you to join us at ODSC West 2021 – our first in-person event in 2 years. This November 16th – 18th we’ll be gathering together data scientists and speakers from around the country for three days of applied instruction. Check out below for information on some of the sessions from ODSC West 2021 speakers that you can look forward to.

Tuning Hyperparameters with Reproducible Experiments: Milecia McGregor | Senior Software Engineer | Iterative

Learn to build more efficient models by tracking data and code changes, as well as, changes in the hyperparameter values. In this workshop, you’ll use the open-source tool, DVC, to increase reproducibility for two methods of tuning hyperparameters: grid search and random search. 

MLOps… from Model to Production: Filipa Peleja, PhD | Lead Data Scientist | Levi Strauss & Co

MLOps are an integral part of creating the data science use-cases that are transforming industries around the world. During this session, you’ll learn how MLOps can facilitate your data science models from their deployment and during maintenance. 

GANs: Theory and Practice, image Synthesis with GANs using TensorFlow: Ajay Baranwal | Center Director | Center for Deep Learning in Electronic Manufacturing, Inc

Learn the fundamental principle behind the GANs, a mathematical formulation of it, how to build GANs using TensorFlow APIs, and how to train them to generate new images to increase your mastery of one of the most useful deep learning techniques. 

Practical MLOps: Automation Journey: Evgenii Vinogradov, PhD | Head of DHW Development | YooMoney

This talk, among others from ODSC West 2021 speakers, will cover MLOps practices—a way to streamline the model development process and automate it as much as possible, from model development to monitoring. 


Develop and Deploy a Machine Learning Pipeline in 45 Minutes with Ploomber: Eduardo Blancas | Data Scientist | Fidelity Investments

Learn how to develop and deploy a machine learning pipeline with Ploomber to increase efficiency and reduce the steps needed to export to production systems like Airflow and Argo. 

A Complete Real-time Data Application in 90 Minutes: from Kafka to Streamlit: Rongpeng Li | Senior Data Scientist, Data Science Instructor | Galvanize, Inc 

The workshop will follow the conventional four stages of a data pipeline: ingestion, storage, transformation, and delivery, as well as cover some machine learning DevOps to demystify the fancy words in the context of this pipeline.

Deep Dive into Reinforcement Learning with PPO using TF-Agents & TensorFlow 2.0: Oliver Zeigermann | Software Developer | embarc Software Consulting GmbH

In this slideless workshop, you will work your way through a Colab notebook and come to understand the basic ideas of the PPO reinforcement learning algorithm and how to apply it to a route planning problem. 

Responsible AI; From Principles to Practice: Tempest Van Schaik, PhD | Senior Machine Learning Biomedical Engineer | Microsoft CSE

Learn about Dr. Tempest van Schaik’s Responsible AI (RAI) journey, from ethical concerns in AI projects, to turning high-level RAI principles into code, and the foundation of an RAI review board that oversees projects for the team. You’ll also hear about some of the practical RAI tools and techniques that can be used throughout the AI lifecycle, special RAI considerations for healthcare, and the experts she looks to as she continues in this journey.

Get Started with Time-Series Forecasting using the Google Cloud AI Platform: Karl Weinmeister | Engineering Manager, Cloud AI/ML | Google

Learn about the fundamentals of solving time-series problems with AI, and show how it can be done with popular data science tools such as Pandas, TensorFlow, and the Google Cloud AI Platform.

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