ODSC East 2022 is right around the corner and the timing couldn’t be better. When it comes to attending in person, things are looking great. Covid cases are dropping rapidly in Boston and we at ODSC are making sure that your return is safe, comfortable, and rewarding. Check out a few tips to help you make the most out of your time at ODSC East so you can enjoy reconnecting with the data community without worry.

Transportation & lodging

If you haven’t yet, now is the time to make sure that your flight to Boston (if you’re flying in) and transportation needs are settled and don’t forget about booking a room! It’s going to be a busy week, so the last thing you want to worry about is how you’re going to get there, and where you’re going to stay. With conferences again returning as in-person events, many might have forgotten how quickly hotel rooms get reserved. So if you haven’t checked transportation and lodging off your to-do list, now is the time. The sooner, the better.


Plan for the week

The week will pass at lightning speeds. With so many options and only a finite amount of time, you’re going to want to have a plan for ODSC East. Take some time before arriving to review sessions, talks, networking opportunities, and extra events that matter to you. Each day will be packed with content, so you want to manage your time wisely. Also, remember to leave yourself a bit of wiggle room just in case something comes up. You never know what could happen at the last moment! See the full schedule here to make your plans.

Check out the online component

Did you know that your in-person ticket also includes all the online components of ODSC East? This means that you can watch sessions online that are important to you, even if you’re on the move. This is a great way to manage your time and figure out how you can check off each important event from your list.

Decide goals ahead of time

Even if a conference takes up the entire week, there likely won’t be enough time to accomplish everything you want to do. Stay tuned to the event organizer’s emails and announcements to hear about the schedule, decide what’s important for you to do, and be sure to leave time for social aspects and coffee breaks. Don’t forget to leave time for the AI Expo Hall, the online Career Lab & Expo, and any networking events.

ODSC East conference app

Did you know that ODSC East has an app? Available in both the iOS Store and Google Play Store, be sure to download the app so you can be kept up to speed with everything going on. In it, you’ll find useful information that will help you make the most of ODSC East.

Pay attention to conference policies and Covid-19 guidelines

In-person events are going to be a little different in the foreseeable future. Policies will now involve COVID-19 guidelines based on federal, local, and convention-specific guidelines, such as the use of masks and social distancing. Make sure that you’re aware of those guidelines beforehand and prepare accordingly. As of this writing, Boston has lifted their mask and proof of vaccine mandates, though state and federal guidelines are to be followed.


That’s it! You’re now officially ready for ODSC East 2022. If you follow these steps, you’ll make the most of your time and succeed in your goals. But if you’re still on the fence, now is the time to register. Currently, we have a limited number of FREE Bronze Passes that will get you reconnected with the data community. So, what are you waiting for? Register now!