More and more businesses are making the move towards using automation, machine learning, and other artificial intelligence endeavors. As these businesses look towards changing and evolving, it’s important to learn how to properly implement AI in your business. At ODSC West 2021 coming up this November 16th-18th, there are a number of ways that you can learn how to implement AI in your business. With the Ai X Summit, business talks, and the AI Expo Hall, here’s why you should register for ODSC West to level up your business.

AI X Summit: November 16th

The Ai X Summit as part of ODSC West focuses on how you can implement AI in your business, and provides examples, use cases, and thought leadership on doing just that. Here, experts will discuss their strategies and history with implementing AI in a series of sessions. Some highlights include:


How Companies Have Achieved Business Benefits with Kubernetes Powered MLOps: Abhinav Joshi, Senior Manager of Product Marketing and Will McGrath, Marketing Manager for Data Services | Red Hat

Building a Better World with AI: Sadie St Lawrence | Founder and CEO | Women in Data

Business Talks on Implementing AI:

    • A Day in the Life: Data in Digital Health: Kerry Weinberg | VP Data | League
    • Machine Learning and Robotics in Healthcare Devices and Rehabilitation: Alishba Imran | Machine Learning Developer | Hanson Robotics & Kindred.Ai
    • Accelerating the Delivery of Vision AI: Devaki Raj | CEO and Founder | CrowdAI, Inc
  • The Power of Data Science – Real World Use Cases: Jay Fraser | Director of Business Development | HP
  • How to Effectively Scale ML & AI in Any Organization: Ella Hilal, PhD | Director of Data Science | Shopify
  • Leadership and AI: Tom Coyle | AI Advisor | Veloxxity LLC/Royal Technology and Agriculture

AI Expo & Demo Hall: November 16th-17th

Want to keep up with the latest AI developments, trends, and insights? Dealing with the build or buy dilemma to grow your business? Seeking to interact with data-obsessed peers and build your network? Check out the AI Expo & Demo Hall for free and see the latest tools, products, and services offered by AI leaders across the country. Attending companies include Oracle, Microsoft Azure, Z by HP, Intel, Redhat, Verta, SAS, OpenAI, and more. These companies will all be presenting demonstration sessions on their products. Some sessions include:

  • Trustworthy Decision Management: How Explainable, Predictive Decision Making Can Help Us Trust Our Decision Models: Red Hat
  • What to Consider with Model Ops When Moving to the Cloud?: SAS
  • Z by HP’s Data Science Solutions: HP
  • Profiling and Optimizing PyTorch Applications with the PyTorch Profiler: Microsoft
  • See How AtScale’s Semantic Layer Impacts BI & AI Performance on Popular Cloud Data Platforms: AtScale

Register Now and Learn How to Implement AI Today

The Ai X Business Summit and the AI Expo & Demo Hall are two great ways to learn how to implement AI in your business. In addition, there will be plenty of extra events, such as a networking session, where you can discuss your ideas and experience with other decision-makers too. The AI Expo & Demo Hall is free to check out both in-person and virtually, and the Ai X Summit is 20% off until Friday, so register now before prices go up next week.