ODSC events aren’t designed at random. The training, bootcamp, and lecture sessions are all carefully chosen based on trending topics in the data science community from that year. For ODSC APAC 2021, you’ll see a lot of sessions around popular topics like ethical AI, causal learning, fairness, ML pipelines, and so on. Here are a few ODSC APAC 2021 sessions that cover these hot topics – a few of which you can access with a free pass, though you’ll need a Training Full Access Pass to access the training sessions.

ODSC APAC 2021 Sessions:

Data Science and Machine Learning At Scale: Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD, Head of Data Science Evangelism, Pavithra Eswaramoorthy, Data Science Evangelist | Coiled

In this tutorial, you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about scaling your data science work to larger datasets and larger models, while staying in the comfort of the PyData ecosystem (NumPy, pandas, scikit-learn, Jupyter notebooks).

How to Operationalize Ethics in Data and AI: Angela Kim | Head of Analytics and AI | Teacher’s Health and Women in AI | FREE SESSION

In her talk, Angela will walk through 4 pillars of how to execute Ethical AI for your organization from governance, design, monitoring, and education perspectives.

On Human-like Performance Artificial Intelligence through Causal Learning: A Demonstration Using an Atari Game: Seng-Beng Ho, PhD | Sr. Scientist & Deputy Dir., Dpt. of Social and Cognitive Computing | Institute of High-Performance Computing, Agency for Science, Technology & Research | FREE SESSION

In this talk, attendees will learn about a new technique and direction of research in AI that is just beginning to be explored, but has important future applications. Notably, AI and robotic systems need to learn rapidly in a fast-changing environment, and learning of causality rapidly, is key.

Vision Transformer and its Applications: Rowel Atienza, PhD | Professor/Scientist | University of the Philippines | FREE SESSION

While the transformer has dominated most state-of-the-art models in natural language processing, CNN is still the preferred backbone in the field of computer vision. This changed in 2020 when Vision Transformer (ViT) demonstrated strong results in different downstream tasks. Since then, ViT has experienced rapid adoption and progress. In this talk, we will cover the network architecture, training and applications of ViT.  

Fairness in Natural Language Processing: Tim Baldwin, PhD | Dir./VP/Laureate Professor | ARC Centre for Cognitive Computing in Medical Technologies/ACL/Uni. Melbourne | FREE SESSION

NLP has made truly impressive progress in recent years, and is being deployed in an ever-increasing range of user-facing settings. Accompanied by this progress has been a growing realization of inequities in the performance of naively-trained NLP models for users of different demographics, with minorities typically experiencing lower performance levels. In this talk, Tim will illustrate the nature and magnitude of the problem, and outline a number of approaches that can be used to train fairer models based on different data settings, without sacrificing overall performance levels.

Deploying Optimized Deep Learning Pipelines: Adam Gibson: Cofounder/Creator/Board Member  | Konduit/deeplearning4j/Eclipse | FREE SESSION

This talk gives a survey on the different techniques for optimizing ML pipelines and lays out trade-offs to consider when deploying them.

Data Science Supporting Clinical Decision Making: What, Why, How?: Professor Karin Verspoor | Dean/Fellow | School of Computing Technologies, RMIT University/Australasian Institute of Digital Health | FREE SESSION

The adoption of electronic health records to document extensive clinical information brings with it the opportunity to utilize that information to support clinical decisions. In this talk, Karin will discuss both these opportunities and the challenges that we face when working with real-world clinical data, and introduce some of the strategies that we are adopting to make this data more usable, and to model it effectively.

SQL Masterclass for Data Scientists: Danny Ma | Founder and CEO  | Sydney Data Science

Despite being first developed in the 1970s – SQL remains one of the most important data science skills in 2021! In this workshop you will learn about: Why SQL is still relevant for modern data science; How to tune SQL queries for optimal performance; How to translate between Python Pandas syntax and SQL operations; What is NoSQL and why does it matter for data scientists.

How to Get Started With Deep Reinforcement Learning on a Variety of Use Cases?: Maggie Liuzzi | Machine Learning Engineer & Researcher | Q-CTRL | FREE SESSION

This session will explore available open-source reinforcement learning tools and provide insights on how to go from research to production.

Learn about hot topics in data science at ODSC APAC 2021

These are only a few hot topics that will be represented at ODSC APAC 2021. Register for the event and get a free pass to get select sessions, a one-day training pass, or an all-access training pass to get everything. Register now for 10% off and get ready for the event this September 15th-16th!