We couldn’t be more excited to announce that the detailed schedule for ODSC East is now live! You can check it out here for information on session times, topics, and whether a session will be in-person or virtual. With 300+ hours of content planned for ODSC East this April 19th-21st, there are more hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, and engaging talks than we can mention here. But, below you will find just a few of the sessions we are looking forward to seeing.

Monday, April 18th: Pre-Conference Bootcamp Day

Day zero of ODSC East 2022 will be exclusive to bootcamp ticket holders, and will only have the first bootcamp sessions of the week. Day zero is virtual only, even for people who purchased an in-person ticket. A few sessions that you can choose from so far include:

Tuesday, April 19th: Day 1


Day 1 ODSC East 2022 will focus more on the bootcamp, training sessions, and workshops. Expect to see a lot of longer, more technical content this day. This day is designed for beginner and intermediate sessions. Some scheduled training sessions include:


Things are mostly the same on the virtual side of things. However, the Virtual AI Expo & Demo Hall opens up, where you can check out the latest offerings, thought leadership, and research from leading tech companies. Some past exhibitors have included Microsoft, SAS, HP, Intel, and others. There will also be a number of virtual-only training sessions, including:

There will also be two virtual keynote sessions:

Wednesday, April 20th: Day 2


On the second official day of ODSC East 2022, the ODSC East schedule will continue with bootcamp sessions, training, workshops, and shorter talks. We will also open up the in-person component of the AI Expo & Demo Hall where you can see what our community has to offer.

There will be one keynote: Overconfidence in Machine Learning: Do our Models Know What They Don’t Know?: Padhraic Smyth, PhD | Chancellor’s Professor | UC Irvine

For those who want to unwind a bit, there will also be a Networking session at night. We will also have a number of book signing sessions where you can get your data science books signed by the authors themselves. 

  • Stefanie Molin | Hands-On Data Analysis with Pandas – Second Edition: A Python Data Science Handbook for Data Collection, Wrangling, Analysis, and Visualization
  • Scott Haines | Modern Data Engineering with Apache Spark: A Hands-On Guide for Building Mission-Critical Streaming Applications

Wednesday will also feature the first day of the AI Startup Showcase & Lab, where you can meet the founders, investors, speakers, and teams powering some of the worlds leading AI and machine learning startups.


The virtual side of day 2 will be the same as the first day – workshops, training sessions, and the virtual AI Expo & Demo Hall.

In addition, there will be the ODSC’s Women in Data Science Ignite Sessions which fuel creativity and innovation among conference attendees. Ignite sessions are fast-paced, short presentations that allow attendees to pitch a unique, interesting project they’re working on. 

Thursday, April 21st: Day 3


The in-person component of the final day of ODSC East 2022 will mostly be the same as day 2, minus the networking reception. You can still attend plenty of talks, training sessions, and the AI Expo & Demo Hall. The second day of the AI Startup Showcase & Lab will take place on Thursday.

There will be one keynote: ODSC Keynote – Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers: Ken Jee | Head of Data Science at Scouts Consulting Group

Here are some in-person sessions we’re excited for:


In addition to the usual slew of training sessions, workshops, and talks, there will also be a Virtual Career Lab & Expo. Connect with companies actively looking to hire data scientists from around the world! Get your resume ready!

Here are some virtual sessions we’re excited for:

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