2021 was a banner year for venture capital investment in AI and machine learning startups with 4,021 deals closed and $83.7 billion invested. Although the number of closed deals dipped slightly from 2020, the amount of investment per startup increased significantly, indicating the continued potential for growth in this sector.

In fact, the first month of 2022 has already seen significant investment in AI and machine learning startups. And PitchBook’s 2022 Emerging Technology Outlook predicts that the majority of VC funding in AI and machine learning will focus on data preparation.

In short, VC funding in AI and machine learning startups is likely to continue to increase in the coming years, and if you have an early-stage startup there is no time like the present to find the partners that can help your company succeed. To this end, ODSC East is introducing a new focus area, The AI Startup Showcase and Lab, that will center on providing startups with the opportunity to connect with VC and learn from successful founders through programming such as the AI Startup Showcase, the AI Investors Reverse Pitch, and AI Founders. Learn more about these events coming this April 19th-21st below.


The AI Startup Showcase:

New to ODSC East, the AI Startup Showcase will give you access to some of the most innovative startups in AI and machine learning. You’ll get to hear how they are transforming the field and industry. Many of the startups are focusing on the exciting topics of MLOps, data pipelines, model tuning and transparency, healthcare, finance, and more. We will be launching a dedicated startup showcase schedule for both virtual and in-person where you can check them out for yourself. 

The AI Startup Showcase will also give early-stage startups multiple opportunities to get in front of potential investors and potential clients. The event itself will bring in 1,500+ influencers and decision-makers who can help spread the word about your product and solution, increasing brand awareness and recognition.

Investor Meetings

Startups can also apply to participate in the investor-startup matchmaking services, which will facilitate one-on-one meetings with 10 investors, giving startups an opportunity to spark their interest and secure an opportunity to continue discussions after the conference. Confirmed investors include Danel Dayan, Investment Team, Battery Ventures, Brad Gillespie, Partner, IA Venture, Sid Trivedi, Partner, Foundation Capital, and Igor Taber, Managing Director, Cortical Ventures.

Learn more about the AI Startup Showcase and how to participate here.

AI Investors Reverse Pitch:

The AI Investors Reverse Pitch will give startups a chance to sit at the other side of the table and hear from investors why your startup should choose them. During the reverse pitch, you’ll discover what top firms are looking for when they are looking to invest and what types of businesses are currently in their portfolios. And if you find the right potential investor for your startup, you’ll have the opportunity to make an introduction and get the conversation started. 

AI Founders:

The AI Founders event will give you a chance to share your success story and build awareness for your startup. This event will feature short presentations from the founders of AI and machine learning startups, where they can share their experiences and insights in building a successful startup. 

You can access these events, and much more, at ODSC East 2022 this April. Plus, if you act fast and register by Friday you can take advantage of our Early Bird pricing and get 60% off your pass.