ODSC East 2023 is still a few months away, but we’re excited to be able to share our Preliminary Schedule with you! You can find the schedule here on our website, but be sure to read on for a breakdown of what you can expect from each day.

Day 0: Monday, May 8th

Day 0 of ODSC East 2023 will be exclusive to Mini-Bootcamp and VIP pass holders, and will be a virtual-only day comprising the first bootcamp sessions of the week. We’re still hammering out the details and exact titles, but a tentative list of topics includes:

  • An Introduction to Data Wrangling with SQL
  • Programming with Data: Python and Pandas
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Math for Data Science
  • Introduction to Data Visualization

Day 1: Tuesday, May 9th


Day 1 ODSC East 2023 will feature talks, keynotes, expert-led workshops, and hands-on training sessions, and will focus more on the bootcamp, training sessions, and workshops. This day will have a mixture of beginner, intermediate, and advanced content. Currently confirmed sessions include:

  • Hyper-productive NLP with Hugging Face Transformers
  • How to build stunning Data Science Web applications in Python – Taipy Tutorial
  • Idiomatic Pandas
  • Deep Learning with PyTorch and TensorFlow
  • Advanced Gradient Boosting (I): Fundamentals, Interpretability, and Categorical Structure

Day 1 is also the only day you can attend business talks as part of the Ai X Business and Innovation Summit, which focuses on the way AI applications are shaping different industries like marketing, finance, retail, healthcare, and more.

Finally, Tuesday is the first day of the AI Expo and Demo Hall, where you can connect with our conference partners and check out the latest developments and research from leading tech companies.


On our virtual platform, you’ll also find talks, hands-on training sessions, and expert-led workshops, as well as a virtual AI Expo and Demo Hall. Confirmed sessions include:

  • Self-Supervised and Unsupervised Learning for Conversational AI and NLP
  • NLP Fundamentals
  • Applying Responsible AI with Open-Source Tools
  • And more to come soon!

Day 2: Wednesday, May 10th


On the second official day of ODSC East 2023, we will continue with bootcamp sessions, training, workshops, and shorter talks. This will also be the last day to connect with our partners in the AI Expo and Demo Hall.


The virtual side of day 2 will be the same as the first day – workshops, training sessions, and the virtual AI Expo & Demo Hall.

Day 3: Thursday, May 11th


During this final day of ODSC East 2023, there will still be plenty of training sessions, workshops, and talks to attend. There will also be an in-person career expo where you can find your next job in data science! And be sure to make the most of this last chance to connect with experts and peers from around the country before you all return home.


Like at the in-person conference, virtual attendees should make the most of their last conference day by attending training sessions, workshops, and talks and connecting with your fellow attendees.

Events with Dates TBD

We’re still working out the dates for a few events, but here are some things to come:

Meet the Experts | In-Person: Meet the Experts and Speakers brings you up close and personal with some of the biggest names in data science! Sessions are audience-focused to help attendees solve their real-world, applied data science problems.

Women’s Ignite | In-Person: Women in Data Science Ignite Sessions fuel creativity and innovation among conference attendees. Ignite sessions are fast-paced, short presentations that allow YOU to pitch a unique, interesting project you’re working on. This year we’re encouraging female attendees to participate and showcase their ideas.

Book-Signing Sessions | In-Person: These books will give attendees an opportunity to learn about critical data science concepts, approaches, as well as supported programming languages and their related packages to make the most out of them.

Open Spaces | Virtual: Open Spaces are self-organized 20 min meetup-like events that happen in parallel with the main conference. They will be held virtually on the conference platform.

Register Now and Check Out the Full ODSC East Schedule

We’ve got a lot planned for ODSC East 2023. However, with 3 days (or 4 with a bootcamp pass) you can easily check out everything you want to. See what’s trending in data science, upskill or start new skills, and connect with people from around the country! Stay tuned for a more detailed ODSC East 2023 schedule and plan ahead. Register now while tickets are 50% off for a limited time before prices go up soon.