ODSC Europe returns to London, June 15th – 16th. Join us and experience the best in data science while reconnecting with the community. As you can expect from ODSC you’ll experience the best in-person talks, sessions, workshops, and demos — with the flexibility of enjoying a great deal of the conference virtually. Even though we’re still in the process of determining all the speakers, we’re excited to share with you our first group of ODSC Europe speakers below who will be representing the machine learning track.

Rule Induction and Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs
Daria Stepanova, Ph.D. | Research Scientist | Bosch Center for AI

Learn the latest methods, advancements, research opportunities, and more with Knowledge Graphs. See how this can help with the learning process of artificial intelligence algorithms and make them more effective & efficient.

Digital Twins: Not All Digital Twins are Identical
Anand Srinivasa Rao | Global Artificial Intelligence Lead, AI-Emtech Lead in Labs, Partner in Analytics Insights | PwC

What are digital twins, and how can they benefit your industry. Join this talk as Anand Srivivasa Roa traces the history and roots, and provides examples in multiple industries such as banking, healthcare, transportation, and more. Discover what technology leaders need to know.

Bayesian Modeling in Industry
Thomas Wiecki | Chief Executive Officer | PyMC Labs

How do you solve your business problems through machine learning? In Thomas Wiecki’s talk, discover how Bayesian modeling can be used to solve applied business problems with examples in biotech & marketing. 

Healthcare Predictive Modeling with Graph Networks
Wade Schulz | Assistant Professor; Director, Center for Computational Health | Yale University

What insights can be harnessed from machine learning models as they identify relationships in graph networks? Learn how open-source graph databases can be used to model biomedical data and how this can create effective and predictive models. 

GPU development with Python 101
Jacob Tomlinson | Senior Software Engineer | NVIDIA

Are you worried about writing GPU code, and not sure where to start? Then join Jacob Tomlison, Senior Software Engineer at NVIDIA as he shows you how easy it is to use Python!

Alex AthorneUnderstanding Model Decisions using Alibi
Alex Athorne | Research Engineer | Seldon Open Source Explainability

What can the Alibi library teach us about explainable AI? Learn from Alex Athrone and review a broad range of real-world datasets and models to answer that question. Here, you’ll discover the benefits of explainability through the Alibi library while seeing how XAI can justify, explore and enhance the use of machine learning. 

ODSC Europe 2022 Call for Speakers 

We’re still looking for more data science practitioners, thought leaders, and decision-makers to speak at ODSC Europe 2022! Interested in sharing your expertise? Learn more here, including what we’re looking for, deadlines, and how to get started.

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