With 300+ hours of expert-led sessions, ODSC East covers a breadth and depth of topics not found at other data science training conferences. With so much to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start at the event this April 19th-21st. To help you decide, we’ve organized our sessions into several focus areas. Check them out below.

ODSC Favorites

Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL)

We’re excited to welcome back many of the core contributors and top instructors of top ML and DL frameworks and tools, including TensorFlow, PyTorch, scikit-learn, Keras, Ray, Spark, XGBoost, Pandas, PyMC3, and more. Get up to speed with the cutting-edge of the field with sessions focused on AutoML, transfer learning, federated ML, adversarial ML, graph networks, reinforcement learning, unsupervised learning, differential privacy, quantum ML, and much, much more. 

Data Engineering and MLOps

Knowledge of Data Engineering and MLOps has only become more important over the past few years. Successfully taking models from development to deployment is difficult, but a strong understanding of MLOps can increase your success rates. Additionally, machine learning workflows, pipelines, and MLOps were some of the hottest areas of AI in 2021, and is a focus area ODSC has hosted for 3+ years. Data integration, batch and real-time workflow, CI/DC, model monitor are just a few of the topics that will be widely covered at ODSC East. As well as, tools like Kafka, Fink Flyte, Airflow, MLFlow, Kubernetes/Kubeflow, Arrow, Presto, Luigi, and Nifi, just to name a few. You should also look out for emerging topics such as feature & model/evaluation stores, distributed machine learning, vector database, IaaS/PaaS, serverless computing, and more.



ODSC attendees from across industries have reported that NLP is one of the areas that is delivering value for companies, and thus, continues to be a strong focus for ODSC East. Topic areas that will be covered by our speakers and instructors include transformers, pre-trained models, transfer learning, machine translation, sentiment analysis, deep learning, and reinforcement learning for NLP, to name just a few. Additionally, NLP tools and libraries such as Hugging Face Transformers, GPT-2/GPT-2, Spacy, Fasttext, NLTK, and others will be presented across a range of talks, workshops, and training sessions.

Research Frontiers

Our Research Frontiers focus area aims to make it easier for you to stay abreast of the latest developments in the data science and AI fields. Our expert speakers, researchers, and professionals will condense recent research and help you understand what impact it may have on you. Past speakers have included Carlos Guestrin (Stanford University), Stuart Russell (UK Berkley), Manuela Veloso, PhD (Carnegie Mellon).

Big Data Analytics

Data analytics continues to be an essential skill for data scientists who not only want to make data-driven decisions, but who also want to successfully communicate the value of their work to non-technical stakeholders. The Big Data Analytics focus area will feature sessions on the latest techniques for analyzing raw data, automating data into mechanical processes and algorithms, and effective data storytelling. 

Responsible AI

One of our more recently added tracks, the Responsible AI focus area will explore how companies and organizations are using machine learning and AI to effect positive change in the world. Speakers on this track will likely discuss core AI Ethics topics such as privacy, transparency, decision making, and much more. Past speakers include Stuart Russell, PhD

Dawn Song, PhD,Kerry Weinberg, Lisa Amini, PhD, and Animesh Signh among others. 

Recently Added ODSC East Focus Areas

Machine Learning Safety and Security

As one of our newly added focus areas for ODSC East, we are still in the process of firming up our speakers and topics for Machine Learning Safety and Security. Some of the topics that you are likely to see, however, include adaptive stress testing, robustness, specification, and assurance. 

Machine Learning for Biotech and Pharma

Over the past several years, more and more Pharma and Biotech companies have realized the importance of investing in AI, and we are already seeing the fruit of some of those investments in the fields of disease identification, drug discovery, clinical trials, and much more. This new focus area will cover some of the technology and recent developments underpinning these applications. 

AI Start-Up Showcase and Lab

The AI Start-Up Showcase and Lab focus area will shine a spotlight on the innovative founders and startups at the conference. Some of the events included in this focus area are: AI Investor Reverse Pitch, AI Start-Up Showcase, Women AI Founders, and more. 

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